Monday, February 8, 2010


I have no joy, I have no gladness.
The earth does not fill me.
Once a brave soul and pure heart,
Now raw scars,
From desperation of sorrows.
Memoirs of bright yesterdays
and haunting, tomorrows.

Seemingly so far gone, but yet so close.

Realities, the bad neighborhood conquers,
A clueless mind,
Are all that now remains,
Of pulsing hearts in frozen chests.
Of a mind that now lies slain.

Of a death imprisoned soul.

Sadness still clouds my face,
Lobes twinge,
Muscles flinch.
At the drop of a pin

Fear of letting go,
The lost song of the breeze
Of sorrows suffered in the world,
Many untold sorrows.
Forget that day, I try
But memories wont let me!


  1. Yuo are very unhappy lately. Why?
    Nice haunting poem

  2. Beautifully written. Why would you be afraid of letting go?

  3. i concur with Nikki. whats up?

  4. I just bumped into your site. Very informative. I shall become a follower. Keep it up

  5. just having a bout of sadness
    @lulu..haha now you know why Im having a ranting streak.
    @Shuga Blog..where have you been?

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  7. ...erm...

    this is really good. as in really really really good.

  8. i think i have been there/here before.. deja vu