Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Milestones Gone Wrong: The First Puff

In celebration of his first 6 months as a blogger, Payo thought of achieving another first. He regrets it now.

In ‘Ugandan English’ they are going to say that the brain behind this blog has become ‘spoilt’ only because your dearest, most previously holy Payo recently developed the insatiable urge to try a hand at smoking pot.
Payo chooses to blame the whole episode purely on curiosity and nothing more than that. He can promise that it won’t happen again. He now is truly resentful but only because it was a forgettable experience. Now he blames it squarely on the devil because deep down he knows he is such a nice guy.

Payo has considered rehab – he doesn’t think it will be of much help though. The idea of church has been floating in his head but the guilt in Payo’s mind is too much for him to handle. He can’t imagine looking at the suffering guy on the cross under these circumstances. He has already sent countless apologies to his lungs and other offended departments and since they are all willing to forgive him for the ordeal, he is kinda happy to settle for that.
The happiest part though for him is that he has something to heal the appetite of bloggers hungry for something. They deserve something to read!

Listening to Don’t Let Me Go – The Fray

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

21 Questions

  • Do I really look like Pharell Williams or was it pure flattery from her?
  • Why is it easy to fall for and feel connected to someone you have never seen and probably will never see?
  • Why do you find it hard to tell that person and opt to keep playing the friendship card even when you really know that is not the case?
  • Why do friends these days think they have the moral authority to make choices for you no matter how personal they may be to you?
  • Am I the only one who thinks Ugandan women have become too predictable?
  • Who like me doesn’t want to live to the age beyond which I cannot find my own way to the bathroom for relief anymore?
  • Now that I’ve stopped growing taller, why am I not growing any fatter?
  • Who still dresses in SAVCO jeans?
  • Where have all the good kissers gone?
  • When should I start complaining of the loud noises that my neighbours sentence me too deep into the night?
  • Does everyone else have to endure mood swings from time to time like I do?
  • Where have the rest of the 21 Questions gone?