Monday, October 26, 2009

Agavuude Mu Wiiki

I thought this past week had ended just like any other; nothing much to reminisce about. But that was till I pulled out my notepad and started listing in no particular order what had transpired during the past seven days. Some are shameful, some funny and others I cant really classify. Read on...

  • I drunk-dialled my former boss at 2 in the night on the now infamous 99% from MTN.

  • I slaughtered a turkey.

  • JK admitted to me that he was gay and has 'eaten' like that for the past three years (to hell with the night caps at his pad from now never know what he is capable of)

  • With inspiration from Ugandan Girl, I deleted all the phantom people that were populating my friends list on Facebook.

  • I resorted to a shortcut on my way home to avoid contact with Eddie the shopkeeper...the reason, 2200 shillings for that kilo of sugar I took 2 weeks ago.

  • I ate a rolex for the first time in a very long time. It used to be cheap so I clashed with the 'rolex guy' over the prices. Of course I didn't win.

  • My friends took me to this basement club in Mukono and guess what?!, it had pit latrines for toilets! You think I'm taking you for a ride? Visit Club One in Mukono, you will be amazed at how INNOVATIVE Ugandans have come.

  • I didn't want you to know this one but yeah, I had an all-access shave! A painful one at that.

Listening to U2's 'I'll Go Crazy if I don't go Crazy Tonight'

Thursday, October 8, 2009

BHH...Speaking in the Third Person

This blogger has been toying with the thought of whether to let other bloggeren into what happened to him the day he decided, rather half-heartedly to attend the last BHH. The urge to tell all has won the war and ‘tell’ has to be done.
So this blogger instinctively went to radio and tried to coerce Carsozy into dragging him along. He claimed he had to work late and wake up by 4 o’clock the next morning so blogger gave up the mini-effort. But blogger was quick to ask him if Baz was remotely interested in going.
“I spoke to him at lunch about it but he gave me no clear answer.”

Blogger decided to seek out Baz all by myself and the first thing Baz asked blogger rather authoritatively was why blogger was still not at Mateo’s yet. The logical thing for blogger to say was that he was indeed headed there, which he eventually did. But then Baz said he wasn’t going to be able to make it and that blogger should pass on his apologies. Another dead end.

Lulu, the last person blogger could think of now was already dressed (in a rather hot dress) for the Bride and Groom thing.
Armed with the evil apologies from Baz and Carsozy blogger headed for the venue, scanned the area for a group of more than 10 people and couldn’t find any. So blogger drowned himself in Guinness after Guinness before he SOSed Carsozy for ‘help’ in finding that group of strangers if they were present anyway. Carsozy promised to call later but he didn’t.
Luckily enough for blogger a couple of cocktail-hunting friends showed up and together, they got wasted. Then it was off to feast on Nandos’ overrated pizzas.
By that time BHH was the least of blogger’s worries. It stayed that way till the time was headed for the parking lot that he saw a group of around 9 people gathered around two tables, that he realised that that must have been lot he had come looking for. Who was the dreadlocked lady? And the white lady? Was that even the group blogger came looking for? And why was the turn up that low?

The decision to join the Guinness party signalled the end of blogger’s BHH quest for the night. Since there are many more to come in the future, blogger thinks he will settle for those.
And for those who sent their apologies through blogger, he is deeply sorry to have disappointed.